Forge Church Summer Internship 2022

. We offer one internship each summer, beginning the last weekend in May ending the 3rd weekend in August with a maximum of six interns. To apply, please fill out the Application and email it to




GOAL: To provide an opportunity for young men who are considering vocational ministry to reflect on and observe the nature of a healthy Biblical church. As well as a chance to have hands on experience with the day to day ministry that happens in a small church context.


WHAT TO EXPECT The purpose of the Forge Church internship is not to build and staff ministries within our own church, nor will our interns be spending time ‘job shadowing’. Rather, our internship will provide an opportunity for future church leaders to observe and reflect on the nature of a healthy church as well as what pastoral ministry looks like in a small church context. A typical week will consist of daily devotion and prayer time, attending and observing all the various life groups that meet throughout the week, assisting in and attending each summer event (Men’s, Women’s, Youth), working along side the Bruised Reed Ranch as they prepare for their summer retreat, daily outreach at Metroflex Gym, observing and participating in Sunday’s Core Seminars as well as attending morning services and preparing short messages for Sunday evening services. Every day there will be a time for debriefing and reviewing what was observed by the interns. Everything from sermon reviews, outreach and private devotion time will be discussed in a group setting. The hope is that the reviews will provide the interns with a better understanding of why the ministry is done the way it is done as well as challenge them to look critically at every detail of ministry for Biblical faithfulness as they move on in their own ministries.



  • Bruised Reed – Richard Sibbs

  • Holiness of God – R.C. Sproul

  • 9 Marks of a Healthy Church – Mark Dever Church Discipline – Jonathan Leeman

  • What is a Healthy Church Member – Thabiti Anyabwile

  • Expositional Preaching - David Helm

  • The Church – Mark Dever

  • The Trellis and the Vine – Colin Marshall and Tony Payne

  • Church in Hard Places – Mez McConnell

  • Word Centered Church – Jonathan Leeman

  • Pilgrim's Progress – John Bunyan

  • When People are Big and God is Small – Ed Welch


REQUIRED PAPERS Every week, Pastor Kevin Niebuhr reads the reflection papers written in response to the above reading. All the interns then join him for three hours on Wednesday morning to discuss and defend their papers. Pastor Kevin will highlight a number of aspects from those papers and prompt the interns to discuss the matters among themselves and present leadership.


FELLOWSHIP Every week each intern will schedule a lunch as well as a dinner with a member of Forge Church. These meals will give the interns a chance to learn more about the life of Forge Church, what individual members roles within the body looks like as well as a chance to see how the local church lives out fellowship throughout the week.


EVENTS Forge Church Men’s Summer Gathering (one Saturday in July) Forge Church Women’s Summer Gathering (one Saturday in July) Forge Church Youth Summer Gathering (one Saturday in July) The Bruised Reed Ranch Summer Retreat (one week in August) The interns will help with the preparations of each event as well as their execution. They will attend the Men’s Summer Gathering as attendee’s, help lead the Youth Summer Gathering and serve the attendee’s during The Bruised Reed Rach Summer Retreat. Each event will provide the interns an opportunity to see how ministry events are thought out, planned and executed in a faithful manner. There will also be times for the interns to grow by watching, serving and leading, learning where their passions, strengths and weakness lie.